Wednesday, 8 July 2015

FAL Quarter 3

I can't believe we are onto the third quarter FAL already. I managed five out of my ten WIP's listed in quarter 2. In my defence ( do I need defending, it's all self inflicted??), I also made the Sea Glass quilt and 5 sew together bags that I hadn't listed.
Anyway, here is my list for this quarter

1) HST quilt
I've trimmed a few more of these blocks, but otherwise, no progress
2)Sparkle Punch Quilt

This quilt has made it into the ironing room, prior to loading it up, but I've got no further. Needs quilting and binding this quarter.
3)Grace's Quilt
I didn't get any further with this one either. Needs quilting and binding
4)Carlton's Quilt
I've made a start on the blocks for this quilt, just got another 22 to go!
5)Second Recession Quilt
I'm waiting for one more block, then I'll decide whether to add a big border or make some more blocks
6) Sew Together Bag
I want to make one of these for myself, like the one above ( this one has long gone as an extra with my UK IG mini swap).
7)Geese All Round
I've made no progress with this one. I have one more block to make, which is putting me off. Just have to get on with it!
8)Abergavenny Quilt Map
 I'm attending Alicia Merrett's quilt map making course at FOQ and I want to make a quilt map of Abergavenny. I've got out the OS map and have some design ideas, but no more than that at the moment although I have been thinking about it a lot.
9) Hazel Hedgehog Quilt
I want to make one of these in solids for an ex colleagues soon to arrive baby girl. I have the background colour and enough solids to start  a couple of hogs!
I have a load more WIP's I could add, but realistically have no hope of getting them done.


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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Recession Quilt Ta Da!

I've just managed to get this quilt finished in the FAL second quarter ( my original list is here). I was Queen Bee for April/May for the Together Circle @do.goodstitches and chose this block

This was  inspired by this quilt . Our numbers in this bee have been sadly depleted (thankfully growing again now) but some of the lovely ladies made me two blocks so I could finish the quilt reasonably quickly. I was originally going to make the quilt with 12 blocks in a 4 x3 arrangement but then realised that once I'd added the border, the quilt would be quite large. So I changed to a 3 x3 block arrangement, with the added bonus that I would have enough blocks left to make another , slightly smaller quilt.
I'm really pleased with how it has turned out, and it's very pretty!

I made the back with a Lotta Jansdotter fabric that was on sale at Pink Castle Fabrics.

The binding is Kona Pomegranate

I debated whether to go to town with the quilting (trying to practise my graffiti quilting) but quite honestly couldn't be bothered. Instead I tried out a, new to me, all over easy flower design. I'm sure there are groovy boards or pantograms with this design, but I did it all freehand. It means the quilt is quite lightly quilted, which gives the quilt a lovely soft feel.

Quilt Stats
Front made with recession blocks made by Together circle of do.good stitches
Back: Follie in blue by Lotta Jansdotter
Wadding: 100% cotton by Fabric Freedom from roll
Binding: Kona Pomegranate
Quilted with Prescencia white  ( 60/3) on top and So fine in white in bobbin
Size : 70 x 68 inches ( it's shrunk more in one direction than another!)

This is my 8th quilt for Siblings Together and I must admit I'm running out of steam, though the camps aren't until August, so I may get some more made, who knows!!

Linking with Adrianne
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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Sea Glass Quilt Ta-Da!

I've been busy this month, with little time (or I admit inclination) to blog. I'm not complaining, I've been having fun ! Firstly, a meet up with some quilting friends in London, with a trip to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V and A. This alone should really merit a blog post of it's own, but I didn't take any photos and it seems a long time ago now. Needless to say, I had a great time and it was good to catch up with everyone ( you know who you are!!). This was followed by  a couple of wonderful days learning how to do graffiti quilting with Karlee Porter at The Cottonpatch in Birmingham. This was my final piece, far from perfect, but giving me the inspiration to try some more.

And I won my very own Karlee Porter mini in the raffle:

Then, I enjoyed a one day free machine embroidery class with Janet Clare, at Busy Bees in Newport.
These are obviously a work in progress, but this is definitely something I'm going to do more of.

 Mr Hare and I had a brief 5 day holiday in Ireland (we want to go back again) and then I attended a week long intensive Spanish for absolute beginners course at Cardiff University. I've also been doing a lot of gardening, just to keep up with the weeds which seem to be proliferating at a rate of knots!! Throw in a couple of birthday parties, and June has flown by!

Anyway, it is time to reveal my Sea Glass Quilt. Sadly, I forgot to add this to my FAL second quarter list, so it doesn't count.

This quilt started life in March 2013, in the Simply Solids Bee and was quite frankly , a disaster. The block is the eye spy version of the disappearing nine patch block ( and I did a tutorial about how to make this block here). It was destined for my niece Eleri, but for a variety of reasons ( mostly none existent or badly made blocks) I didn't have enough blocks to make the quilt big enough, so I threw the blocks in a drawer and made Eleri this quilt:

I found the blocks in the drawer, whilst having a clear out, and realised I would have enough decent blocks to make a  quilt for a child. Now I've finished it, I can see that my original vision for this quilt was spot on. It has turned out just as I hoped and in fact it will be another quilt I will be sad to part with ( it is destined for Siblings Together).

And the back:
I quilted it in a simple graphic pattern, but again chose one I hadn't tried before, to increase my repertoire:

I used a left over strips from an extra wide quilt back for the binding:

I'm very pleased with the finished quilt and have made a mental note to make more quilts from solids.
Quilt Stats:
Size: 60 x 70 inches
Front made with disappearing nine patch blocks in a variety of Kona solids in blue and green , Kona white and Kona aqua
Back: extra wide Riley Blake blue with white dots
Binding: Left over strips of Moda extra wide in green with white dots
Wadding: Fabric Freedom 100% cotton from roll
Quilted with :So fine ( 60 w) white in bobbin, Presencia (60/3) white on top

Monday, 18 May 2015

Ice Floes Ta Da!

This quilt has been a long time in the making but I think it has been worth it. The blocks were made by the Together circle of do.Good Stitches. I first asked for these blocks in June 2014 and it has taken until recently to have enough for a quilt. The pattern for the quilt is called the trajectory quilt designed by Meg . I've named it Ice Floes because it reminds me of icebergs floating in the sea. It has exceeded all my expectations and I love it! Shame it has to go to Siblings Together!!

The back was kindly donated by the wonderful team at Pink Castle fabrics. I should explain: I ordered the green with white spots extra wide back fabric from Pink Castle fabrics and in error they sent me the white with green spots. They kindly allowed me to keep the white/green fabric and I promised to use it for a charity quilt. I think it goes well.
I went to town on the quilting because I thought it deserved it, with roughly 1/4 inch lines echoing the chevrons.
The binding is a solid blue Kona ( I don't know which one, should label my solids when I get them!)
Quilt Stats:
Pattern by Meg Monkey Beans
Size: 57 x67 inches ( seems to have shrunk a lot, presumably because of the dense quilting)
Front : Blocks by Together circle of do. Good Stitches
Back : White with green spots ( can't remember who this is by)
Binding: Navyish blue Kona cotton
Quilted with Prescencia in white on top, So Fine in white in bobbin.
Wadding: Quilters Dream Select
This is another finish in FALQ2 ( original list here:


2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
I'm also linking with Nicky and Leanne for Scraptastic Tuesday ( the blocks were made from scraps).

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Second Pink Wonky Log Cabin Ta -Da!

Another quick post to reveal my second pink log cabin. These blocks were made by the Siblings Together quilt bee and they sent me some beautiful ones!

The quilt is much brighter in real life and is similar, but not quite the same as the first one I made. Hopefully, Siblings Together will give the quilts  to two sisters. The back is pieced, using a 60 inch wide Ikea fabric with a scrap of pink spot on spot ( just to make the back wide enough to quilt).
The binding fabric was donated to me by Sue Bone. The fabric is a perfect choice for the quilt.
It's quilted very simply with wavy lines so is lovely and soft. I was having a terrible time with the So Fine thread shredding all the time. Still trying to work out why!
Quilt Stats:
Size: 58 x78 inches
Front : Blocks by STQB
Back: Ikea fabric with a strip of Spot on Spot pink
Wadding : Quilters Dream Request
Binding: Nancy Crow for John Kaldor ( according to selvedge)
Quilted with So Fine in white ( bobbin and top)
Linking to FAL Q2 with Adrianne  ( original list here:

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Parson Gray Quilt Ta-Da!

This is a long overdue post about another quilt I have finished for Siblings Together. I've been having a few health issues ( still not resolved) which has curtailed my activities for a bit :0(  Anyway, here it is:

This quilt started life at the Fat Quarterly retreat 2014. We were divided into ( volunteer) groups and kindly given a jelly roll to make into a charity quilt. We were given a Parson Gray jelly roll and decided to make simple rail fence blocks. The only others in the group that I can remember taking part were Nick  and Kelly @ , so apologies to anyone else who helped. I volunteered to take the blocks home to make them into a quilt and this is the result. There weren't enough blocks to make a large enough quilt ( I had to make up a few by piecing small strips to get a 4 x5 ft  'inner' section) so I added two solid borders. I also felt the whole quilt needed a bit of a proverbial lift. The fabrics are way out of what I would normally choose and a bit grungy and dull imho! I spent quite a while trying to match the solid colours to the inner fabrics and Kona chartreuse and teal seemed to fit the best ( I definitely wasn't going to choose brown!!). I think it has worked reasonably well.

The back is a batik fabric from Ikea which came in a long strip and I had to piece. I had planned for the lighter strip you can see to be in the middle but somehow this failed miserably. I'm hoping the lobsters will appeal to a child/teenager.
I quilted it with a zig-zag  design which was wasted really as you can't see it on the front.

It was terrific practice for me though and I like the effect, even though you can't see it ! I quilted the edge with straight lines.
The scrappy binding was sent to me by the lovely Mary and is a perfect match.
Quilt Stats:
Size :58 x 71 inches
Front Parson: Gray jelly roll ( don't know which line)and Kona chartreuse and teal
Back : Batik from Ikea
Binding: Parson Gray scraps with a small amount of Kona solids
Wadding: Hobbs Premium Cotton 80/20
Quilted with So Fine 408 50/3 in pale grey both in bobbin and on top
This is also another finish for FAL Q2, my original list being here.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pink Wonky Log Cabin Ta-Da!

I have managed one finish in the second quarter of FAL with Adrianne already- woo hoo! This is number 5 in my list for this quarter ( original post here ). I'm Queen Bee for April in Siblings Together Quilt Bee and had to come up with a large block, so I chose this quarter wonky log cabin. I liked the block so much ( and it was brilliant for using up scraps), that I ended up making a whole quilt and therefore will end up with 2 of these quilts to give to Siblings Together.


Here is the finished quilt:

I made a pieced back from 2 yards of Denyse Schmidt fabric I bought in the States some years ago and left over scraps from another extra wide backing.

I quilted it very simply just with wavy lines as the front is busy enough and any fancier quilting would be lost. The binding is a purple solid I had in my stash, but I'm not sure which particular colour it is.

This is such a lovely cheerful quilt and I  hope it will be loved.
Quilt Stats:
Size: 57 x 79 inches
Front : Made with scraps and fabric from my stash
Back: Denyse Schmidt and scraps of pink spot on spot by Robert Kaufman
Wadding: Hobbs Premium 80/20
Binding: Purple solid from my stash
Quilted with : So fine white ( 401) both bottom and top 

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